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Wild and Woman Perfume Oil - Amber

Wild and Woman

Our lightest and softest fragrance. Never overbearing. The rebel, AMBER knows how to have a good time with no apologies. She inspires others, leaving everyone in awe of how she presents herself. She is never conforming on any terms. She is confident and she is effortless.

Sensual, clean and light.

  • Carrier: MCT Oil (natural)
  • Base Notes: Ambergris (synthetic)

~ Be advised that AMBER is our lightest fragrance. We encourage you to apply it on hot spots of the body to help the essence come alive. To help speed up the process feel free to store your bottle of AMBER on a sunny windowsill. ~

WILD AND WOMAN fragrances are artisan made with all materials ethically sourced. Ingredients are natural. Always cruelty-free. Made by women for women.

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